Saturday, 2 August 2008

I Love Weekends!!!

Today is cold but sunny which is good because I really want to do some lace painting and it is so much easier to do it outside. The pictures above are some photos of the results of previous lace dying/painting episodes and if I like what I make this weekend, I'll post some more pictures.

The rest of this post is a bit of a mixture - firstly, look at this gorgeous fibre ATC that Carole Brungar traded with me this week. I love it - it is lovely and padded and lots of dimension with the beading, fibre edging and the gorgeous "clay" tile that Carole has made. The ATC was wrapped in this amazing piece of silk fusion - see below - I can identify threads but I have no idea what the rest of the blue stuff is but it makes for an incredible piece of silk paper. I'll be following that up with Carole, that's for sure! Carole also sent me a "Migratory Book". This is the first I have heard of this project - its all about connections - you don't keep it but send it on to someone once you have enjoyed it for a while and you record your thoughts etc on the blog. Such a great idea!

These next two photos are my felted ATCs - you are probably getting tired of the cupcake one but I added some clear beads to the cupcake icing and this photo is a bit more accurate colour wise than the previous scan (at least the hot pink is more accurate although the background looks blue when it is really purple) . The sun is a simple one that I finished off on Wednesday. I have one other one nearly finished - I think I am addicted to these - ideal for winter but they won't be practical to make here in the extreme heat of our summer.

Last night I had a burst of ATC fever and finished off a whole pile of partially made ATCs. These ones have a card stock base and involve a variety of techniques although most involve some stamping. I have some trade commitments but I'm thinking of accumulating enough to offer as open trades but we'll see how I go - intention is one 25% of the equation!! I must admit though it felt good to work faster and to get things finished - last weekend I fiddled around for ages and ended up being really disappointed with the amount I actually got finished.

And all of these yummy napkins or serviettes arrived in the mail this week from the lovely Kathy Logan over in Georgia. She is moving and destashing in the process! Anyone who knows me, knows how I love using napkins in my art so there is plenty of material here - most are multiples too so I don't have to skimp!


Sue McGettigan said...

Cool ATCs Debbi, I spot some Juxtaposed in there, love the felt ones too. Have fun with the napkins :)

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
What a great post to start the w/e, such wonderful eye candy.
I absolutely adore the cupcake, it makes me smile every time I see it.
Your ATC collection is terrific.
Thanks for making my day, yet again :-)

kiwicarole said...

Gosh, I can't believe the quantity of work you produce Debbi! Are you a machine or what?? Your work is always lovely! Carole

Jen Crossley said...

WOW Debbi your on a roll girl,you have been a busy bee.Love what you have done as always your work is just stunning

Dawnie said...

What an inspiring post dear Deb. Awsome felting and wonderful ATC's.
Lovely idea with the migratory book.You do inspire dear Debbie

Dawnie T