Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday Night!!!

So glad it is Friday night!! Have I mentioned how much I love weekends and the freedom they bring? I am planning on a wonderful weekend - minimal housework, a bit of cooking, Zach back after a week in Perth, a 50th birthday party Saturday evening and a whole lot of creative fun!

I finished this postcard last night. It is a variation on one of my earlier "music" themed postcards - this one is for Joanna and is accompanying a swap package for which she has been patiently waiting (for quite some time!) and which was mailed today! I hate guilt - it sits heavily on me!

I just received this fabulous envelope from Laurence Rocher in France with these two gorgeous Zentangle ATCs! Thanks Laurence!

And to fill this post up a bit more, this is an altered book spread from a while back. I still like the fact that I managed to keep it simple! Something that can be hard to do with altered books! I think half of the appeal of altered books for me is the fact that you can have text poking through everything if you want to!

Now I am off to work on my fabric inchies - these ones are for the latest Aus_NZ Quilters exchange and the theme is "plastic". I am having so much fun melting and playing with all sorts of plastic surfaces. I'll post pictures this weekend.


sharon young said...

Beautiful blue in your PC for Joanne, and I like the BG interest too, it's full of depth.
Have a good W/E, sounds perfect :-)

freebird said...

Who's birthday? Yours? A very happy birthday is wished for whoevers it is!