Monday, 21 July 2008

Calendar Girl Postcard

Yesterday I finished my Calendar Girl postcard for July. As you can see from the calendar image below, the colour scheme this month is pink and while I don't have any issues working with the pink the image was VERY pink and a much lighter shade than what I would normally choose!

So I have adapted the colour scheme a bit for my tastes. I've used some fabric paper I made "a la Beryl Taylor" as the background and the vase and flower have been cut free-style from pieces of silk fusion that I made. It was the first time I had cut a detailed shape from the silk fusion and I learned that it doesn't necessarily hold together very well!! Fortunately the applique process addressed that minor hiccup.

I debated long and hard about embellishing the flower more (say with beading or some hand-stitching) but decided in the end that it would look too busy on what was meant to be a more graphic look.


Annie said...

The postcard has come out great and the inchies are interesting. Looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday

jo said...

Love how the postcard turned out, I like your pink much better!