Saturday, 28 June 2008

What - Saturday already?

Good grief - where did this week go?? Can't find a satisfactory answer myself!

This week I finished my Calendar Girls June postcard. Below is the calendar page that we used this month as our inspiration. It didn't really do much for me when I tried out various ideas with fabric so I decided to work with card stock, patterned vellum, ribbon and stamping this month. Thank goodness we only use the picture as a starting point and we don't have to replicate it - that colour scheme is not one I find attractive. There are more details here about my postcard.

During the week I also received back my Itty Bitty (three inch square) collages from a Creative Chix online exchange. I am not sure how I will display them - I originally envisaged displaying them altogether on a canvas in three rows of three but now I think I might make a little book out of them so that each collage is it's own statement!

(Clockwise from top left - Lyn Avedikian, Mary Zimany, Connie Armitage,
Joan Lawrence, Maria Garcia and Patti Gramza)

(From top to bottom - Hope Clinchot, me and Jo-Ann Reichert)

Maria's piece came separately and was accompanied by a lovely little tag book and this sweet teddy thank you card!


Barbara said...

yes...its again weekend...and we are all busy...HUGS barbara

Sue Smith said...

Your Calendar Girls piece is really lovely - a perfect interpretation! I'm loving those 3" sqare collages too - what a lovely collection!

Danielle D said...

I am really enjoying seeing the Calendar Girls swap go past each month, it's very inspiring, even if the months do fly past too fast.