Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Glorious Sunday Morning

Well it is just a glorious day here! Last night we had heavy skies and the threat of autumnal rain but nothing eventuated beyond a few large splatters. These shots show the dramatic deep colour of the sky at dusk - the first one is looking away from the sunset (out the back - using a flash as it was getting dark) - you can see the rain splatters on our old wooden table and the darker one is out the front looking towards the setting sun. I love that sort of very atmospheric light!

This morning the sun is shining and the skies are very blue - a perfect morning for a cooked breakfast (cooked by Joseph which made it even better!) eaten outside in the crisp air and early morning sun amongst the pot plants. After breakfast I went for a walk around our local once-a-month "Trash N' Treasure" markets. I am feeling such a sense of abundance that I thought I'd show some photos of my breakfast view around the yard!

I came a way with a few "treasures" all bought very cheaply - a sweet old typewriter ribbon tin (to add to my old tin collection), a hardcover "Australian Country Style" book, a small bag of recycled necklace beads and bits, a couple of incredibly bright (and new) checked European pillow cases and some great fabric pieces - purple felt, deep green stretchy velvet, a big piece of lovely floral tapestry type fabric and some long pieces of a heavy cream textured fabric that will be terrific as the backing for a fabric "inspiration" banner that I am making as part of a CreativeChix exchange. Such bliss - I am so easily satisfied!

(Some of my treasures - the colours are not very accurate though!)

(A close-up - I love this fabric - it will make fabulous book covers and spines)

And to include some arty stuff - here are a couple of pages from my CreativeChix art journal which I finished off yesterday. The prompts for this month were to do a page using doodling or drawing and a page using a homemade "tool". I had a lot of fun with the doodle but I don't think it was such a great idea to add white gesso smears before I doodled - it looked good when it was just a background (like clouds in the sky) but it sort of just looks messy with the doodling on top of it! The bottom one uses a tree stencil that I cut recently (using scissors as I don't have a stencil burner/cutter). I doodled on this one too but tried to keep the page much simpler. Both backgrounds are dome with Radiant Pearl paints - they blend so beautifully - I have an ongoing love affair happening with them!


Susan D said...

I love your doodle, watch out they can become addictive.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Debbi
If you draw that doodle design onto funky foam with a fine spent biro it would make a lovely stamp.
What a lovely place to sit and eat breakfast - and as you say - it doesn't take much buying to be satisfied if it is for our art work.

Anonymous said...

Really nice pages!! I can't believe you cut your tree with scissors!! It's fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Debbi....your journal pages are gorgeous. I especially like the one with the tree. And the pics from your place is gorgeous. Glad to hear you are having some good weather. It is 90 degrees here right now and Montana has been playing in his little pool today :) Have a great week!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
I'm not surprised you have "a sense of abundance', what a lovely place to live! I think I shall print off your pics (if I may) and put them on my wall for when we have our grey days here.
Lovely doodles, especially the second one, the combo of colours and design works really well.
Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post, you are very kind.

artisbliss said...

Love your doodly journal.