Saturday, 24 May 2008

A few photos & the results of Traci's Workshop

A photo of my Traci Bautista Fibre Fusion Journal
(with late afternoon shadows for extra impact!!)

A scan of my journal front - the photo colours are more accurate. Look at all that glitter!!!

A scan of the back of the journal showing all the uneven length pages - so freeing!

The fibre fusion spine of the journal - threads, fabrics, beads, fibres, ribbons etc

A photo showing the woven spine between two of the signatures -
I love the way the journal lies flat - much easier to work in.
And yes this was a piece of manila folder that was my work surface - too colourful to waste!

I have finally got myself fully unpacked and can see my desk (or at least that little portion of it that is my "usual" work surface)! Yesterday I was really out of it so didn't force myself to be creative - I just caught up on some blog reading and read a novel (Bel Canto) my friend Jude lent me when I stayed with her in Perth on my way home.

Last night and today I have finished off my fibre fusion journal from Traci Bautista's workshop. Traci was a fabulous tutor, encouraging us all to just have fun and to splash the paint around, to make our own marks and to see the journal as just that - something that will be written in and worked on as we use it on a daily (or whatever) basis. It really was a fun class, lots of fast free work with very little conscious thought in the preparation stage. Traci got us to tear all our papers rather than use scissors and to use a wide range of papers - it is a good way to be at least a little bit green and extend the usefulness of all the junk paper that comes our way. Manila folders featured heavily and I used ones I had recycled from work.

The binding and weaving parts of the class were fun as well and I was able to finish my journal in class except for doing a little collage on the front so that is what I have now done, using some of my own doodles and scraps of papers from tje workshop. I also gave some more of my journal pages a wash of paint as I wanted my journal to be a very colourful surface in which to write. Next time I will sew around my collage before binding the book but I couldn't for this one as I had constructed pockets on the inside covers, plus it is hard to manipulate around the sewing machine once the book is bound.

And here are some photos of my trip - as I said yesterday, I took very few so it is slim pickings considering all the opportunities I had over the 11 days!

Creative tree pruning - noticed on a walk in Prahran

Sweet little place in Sassafras

Miss Marples Tearooms in Sassafras

One side of Miss Marples Tearooms - loved the Virginia Creeper and autumn colours
(we don't get much of that in Kalgoorlie where deciduous trees are rare)

Jo Wholohan and Kasha Rolley resting on a street-side bench in between purchases!


Carol said...

Debbi, how wonderful to do a class with Traci B, your book is fabulous, think I need to get my TB dvd out again.

Homeleightigger said...

Your Misty piece is absolutely wonderful Deb - there are soooo many questions I would love to ask - but won't!! Your Traci B Journal looks so exciting!! You must have had a fabulous time - I envy you every second!! Val

Eva said...

I have given you an award! It is on my Blog
: ) Eva

Doreen G said...

Love the Traci B journal Debbi there will be no stopping you now.

Jo Wholohan said...

Your journal has come up fantastic Debbi, love it!!!

Jacky said...

Your journal looks fantastic what you have created! I am actually going to finish the fibre fusion binding on mine today (my goal for the day).
It was quite liberating doing Traci's class. Like you I think I will do a colour wash over some of my pages too as I want it bright and cheery to remember that wonderful day (even though it was bitterly cold and raining!!!!).
Lovely to finally meet you and the other Qld girls. Are you saving for Sydney next year?