Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Art Retreat - Journal Page Trades

There are about ten of us signed up to trade 5 x 6 inch journal pages at the Art Retreat in just over a week so yesterday I finished off my pages. We're leaving an inch margin on the left so that any sort of binding can be used and I expect we will all do our eventual journals differently. I haven't made my covers yet so they may have to wait until I get back. This is a scan of six of them but it is a bit blurry (the sequin ribbon is a bit too dimensional for the scanner) and a bit dotty as I obviously need to clean it! I really must try and make sure everything is really dry before I try scanning!

I had a lot of fun pulling out laces, organza, tulle, sequin waste, trims and ribbons to come up with some layers and embellishments for these pages (the backgrounds were in yesterday's post). The pictures are printed on fabric and adhered with vliesofix, then machine stitching. Working on such bright colours put me in such a good mood although I had to play my music VERY loud to try and block out the constant and very penetrating yapping of nearby dogs! I think they must be "home alone" but the result is that four yards that adjoin my yard (weird shaped blocks around here) all have dogs and they set each other off constantly!

Enough of a whinge - on a bright note last night I received an email from the amazing Rachel Grieg to say I had won a giveaway on her new blog! It was my first visit to this blog as I didn't know about it (although I certainly knew about her and her photography blog) until I read about her new gorgeously packaged stamps on Sue McGettigan's blog a while back. If you haven't been over to the Darkroom Door yet I recommend you do! And I am not affiliated - just a happy winner!!

Today I am doing cards for an article in Stamping & Papercraft so I need to get off the computer and get on with it!!


Danielle D said...

These are stunning, Deb - I hadn't even thought about trades for Art Retreat. (I'm looking forward to it so much!)

Kirsty said...

Hi Debbi - your swap pages look great - I wish I had signed up for it now but I kept forgetting and then it was too late!

Thanks for popping by my blog, im so sorry I missed your message when I was in Kalgoorlie - would loved to have met you!

Not long till the retreat now, which classes are you doing? Are you coming to the dinner as well?

Very looking forward to meeting you - have a wonderful trip over
See you soon

Kirsty xxx

artisbliss said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous. Cool to see what became of the backgrounds from yesterday.

sharon young said...

Lovely pages, Debbi, and such an array of gorgeous colours.

Victoria said...

Beautiful! Great colors. Also, I just adore the little birds from the post below!

jo said...

What beautiful pages Debbu, such lovely colours!
I really must get started on mine!!!
Not long to go now,