Saturday, 12 April 2008

An Embarrassment of Riches!

Isn't it funny how some days (or weeks) you just have an embarrassment of riches that come your way? This week was like that - Monday I was off work feeling unwell and very very flat and what happened? A huge padded envelope (probably more accurately called a sack!) was delivered to my door. I was a bit stunned as I knew I hadn't ordered anything as I am on an economy "use my stuff" sort of drive at the moment and I also knew I didn't have any swap or trade packages due to arrive and certainly nothing big. So I opened it up feeling very Christmas/birthday like and found four individually wrapped and numbered presents inside from my wonderful and incredibly talented friend Coralee Barker (who needs a blog!!).

I spread out the opening of the parcels over a couple of hours as I was so overcome with Coralee's totally over-the-top incredibly generous gifts. And this was all to thank me for being understanding when she had an incredibly difficult time in her life and couldn't work in my green journal in a round robin!! So you can see why I was so blown away - I had done nothing to deserve them.
Look at all these beautiful pieces of art!! I really love bird art so I am so happy that Coralee is really into birds and I now have a wonderful array displayed on my inspiration wall.

And look at all of these treasures!! So many possibilities are swirling in my head - I need to get to my desk and start creating - nothing like new stuff and a few days away to really inspire me.

And then to cap off the week Sephi awards me the Arty y Pico Award! Thanks so much Sephi - I am very touched. I normally really like to participate in these awards by passing on the award to some of the gorgeous blogs that I love but this time I want to say that there are just so many wonderful blogs that I can't choose! Hope you don't mind.


Anonymous said...
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Joanna van said...

Lovely package! Lucky you. Those ATC's are beautiful.

Elaine Cooke said...

What a lovely award,Debbie. You must be so pleased. Elaine Cooke

Purple Missus said...

Coralee's artwork is fabulous Debbi - what a fabulous package to receive.
Hope you're feeling better now and congrats on the award - very well deserved.

Jacky said...

Congratulations on your award... you deserve it!!! I love visiting your blog, always full of exciting art!
What a package !!! Lucky you. I wish your friend did have a blog as I would love to see more of her art (quite partial to the birdies).
Beautiful art which I am sure really brightened your day.

Jen Crossley said...

What a lovely surprise for you Debbi
Coralee's work is just awesome