Sunday, 2 March 2008

I'm a Proud Mum!

It was a very warm day here yesterday and the ballees (ball attendees?) had to be at the park by 5:45pm for photos so a full formal suit and waistcoat wasn't the most comfortable attire but Zach looked gorgeous (and yes of course I know that any mother thinks likewise of her offspring!) and his partner Charis did too. They coordinated their outfits nicely with Zach wearing a deep emerald green tie that accentuated his eyes as well as Charis' dress. The wristlet corsage was a success too. This was just a quick snap so I didn't have to wait for the professional shots - it isn't the best in terms of shadows etc but at least I didn't have trees coming out of their heads. A great night was had by all apparently judging from the rather prone-on-the-couch type behaviour that is happening here at the moment.


sharon young said...

What a handsome couple, Debbi, they both look very elegant!! Glad they had a great time.

Jen Crossley said...

How handsome your son looks( or is it spunky these days LOL) .BEAUTIFUL PHOTO Debbi

Jacky said...

Very handsome couple indeed!!! We mums are so proud of our offspring and it so nice of you to share your photos with us... Lovely to get a glimpse of your family.
Zach looks very debonair in all of his finery!