Thursday, 14 February 2008

TGIF (tomorrow)

(Stamped Canvas Board with Decorator Napkin & Dimensional Paint)

I don't think of myself as a TGIF person ("Thank God It's Friday") but I am so glad tomorrow is the end of the working week!! I think I could sleep all weekend if it was available for that purpose but of course it isn't as we are packing up our son Josh to move back to Perth for the start of the university year. It has been wonderful having him home for the last almost few months but I must admit my blogging and art routines have been seriously affected!! I've done a lot more cooking than usual as he is so appreciative of home cooked food!!

So, to share some art - at the top of this post is a piece I made using decorator napkins (serviettes) as the main element and below is the final result for my CyberFyber postcard trade with Susan Lenz. The only difference from the last post is the two lines of beading that I have added. I have toyed with other additions but my style is relatively simple so decided the postcard is finished. I still have my ATC to make for this trade. Below are the wonderful trades which arrived this week from Susan Lenz. She still has postcards and ATCs available for trade so swing over here if you do fibre arts! It is a great opportunity to participate.

PS See you tomorrow!!


Pat said...

Your Cyber postcard is very elegant I am sure Susan will be delighted.

Cestandrea said...

Dear Debbi, so many new things to see on your Blog, I love the arches. But also everything else you are showing us! Please let me invite you to take part in a little game, I'm giving away 3 nice little kitschy paris-souvenirs on my blog, you just have to say you're in if you are interested, the rest is luck! I'm having so much fun with this, I love all my blogfriends.

sharon young said...

I love your Cyber PC, the colours are supreb, and the beads just finish it off.
I'm just in the process of finishing mine for the trade, isn't it exciting !!