Friday, 25 January 2008

TIF - An Update

This is a progress scan of my Take It Further Challenge "Balance" quilt. All that remains to be done is to stitch the binding and add blanket stitch around the binding (a style I think of as "a la Fiona Mortimore"). This has been a really good exercise for me as I have done a lot of reflecting on the word "balance" - it is "my" word for 2008!

As I noted in last night's post, I learnt a lot from this first TIF challenge and I am looking forward to February the 1st to see what is in store for us next!!

These are progress scans of the other two quilts - the Cancer Council quilt now has the angelina (the challenge material that had to be incorporated visibly on the quilt) appliqued as additional leaves onto the whole-cloth painted quilt and I have added some outline stitching. Still contemplating the backing, quilting and binding...

The Seasons Journal quilt just needs to be backed and bound and then I am going to add some beading to the central sun and also to the precipitation lines in the winter triangle. As a bit of explanation, these journal quilts were meant to extend us so I tried some new-or-relatively-new-to-me techniques such as the angelina/foil/misty fuse on the yellow summer triangle, the stamping on fabric and speciality thread couching on the green spring triangle and the outline FME on the autumn triangle. I really enjoyed making this one - just wish I didn't still have the binding to do!

And to finish, here is a little beeswax canvas I made that includes a wonderful little saying (a stamp from Oxford Impressions) - "keep a green bough in your heart and the singing bird will come".

PS Happy Australia Day for the 26th to all the Aussies in blogland!!

& A Note To Myself - time to get back to all the weekly paperarts and mixed media challenges!!


Myra said...

I love your TIF piece. I think the blanket stitches will add the perfect finishing touch. You always make such pretty things. :o)

kelsey said...

Gorgeous pieces Debbi...but the rust coloured piece with the leaves is just to-die-for!!!

curli said...

for starters: I'm just so grateful to see someone from the Goldfields takinig "one step further"
For all the years I lived in WA,we were a'cultural backlands'
Go for it girl........and "happy Australia Day!!"
Having said that,your 'rust/leaf pieces' is true Oz!!

cat in tassie said...

I just discovered your blog, Debbi, and I have to tell you that I'll definitely be back to visit. I think I'd better do some work on my 'seasons' journal quilt too - starting to run out of month!

Angelcat said...

Your TIF quilt looks wonderful!

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful Debbi looks awesome

ANDREA said...

Dear Debbi,
These are really wonderful. I love the colour-combinations and your experiments with new techniques: the result is gorgeous. Very interesting challenge, it seems that it really takes further.
My favourite is the "Balance" quilt and the rust-died one.
Have a wonderful Sunday

Dianne said...

Fantastic Debbi!! I especially love your TIF piece.

Jacquelines blog said...

Great pieces Debbi!!!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
What a surprise when I saw how you'd pushed the TIF piece forward. It's a beautiful interpretation of your theme and as a master of harmony in your work you've come up trumps with this one yet again.
I think my favourite piece in this post is the beeswax canvas, I just love all these wonderful elements you've put together, it reminds me of photo composite in 3D.
Absolutely stunning!!
Thanks for your comments on my recent blog posts, it's always good to hear from you.

Sue McGettigan said...

Love the pieces you're working on, especially that seasons quilt Debbi, wow! Happy Australia Day to you too :)

Jacky said...

Love the beeswax canvas...what a beautiful quote too. Love the muted colours and the vintage feel.
Your dyed rust piece for the Cancer Council is amazing. Im with Kelsey on that one!