Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A Quick Post!!

(A work in progress - my rusted fabric quilt)

This is just a quick post from the Western Australian goldfields where it is so hot I have lost my urge to finish my clean out (clean-up!) and have no energy to create...I couldn't even make it tonight to Annie's for our first Wed night get-together for 2008. Temperatures are supposed to drop a bit for the weekend thank goodness so I expect to be back in action soon!

I have, however, received some wonderful mail this week -

(Fabric embellisher ATC from Bina in Israel)

(A gorgeous Christmas Card from Dianne Mahoney - no blog :( )

(ATC from Dianne Mahoney)

(Fascinating Fabric Postcard from Val Thomas)

(plus Beautiful napkins and lots of lace from Val)

And today I received my Jan/Feb Somerset Studio - I haven't been contributing as regularly as I used to over the last year or so to this wonderful magazine so it was a real thrill today to get my copy and find three of my pieces included -

(My "New Beginnings" piece - top right hand corner)

(My beeswax"Singing Bird" Canvas bottom left hand corner)

(and My Lutrador Leaf hanger - bottom right corner)


sharon young said...

Hi Debbie
I'm sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable with all this heat, lets hope it cools down soon. Shame you can't just "beam me up Scottiee" over here to the UK and have some of our chill!
What a great post, I bet you used the Adirondack Color Washes on the rust piece. To be honest I've got very confused now because I've been drooling over the Moon shadow mist thinking it was the ACW and now I can't tell the difference . Oh dear!! Back to Google.
You must be so pleased to have been published in the magazine, and rightly so your work is superb!
My favourite piece of your post is Dianne Mahoney's go with your heart, I love the sentiment.

Doreen G said...

Congratulations youg lady what a brilliant effort.
We are getting a fair bit of heat here as well but not as bad as you are--just hand in there.

Jen Crossley said...

Congratulations Debbi Your work is just so stunning it deserves to be on the cover of SS.
LOve what you have been playing with as well.
Im with sharon lets go to the UK I hate the heat

sharon young said...

Hi again
I have just awarded you the "you make my day ward", I hope you don't mind! my reasons are on my blog post!

Night Owl Designs said...

Wow, congrats Debbi! That's so exciting :-)

Natalie B said...

Awesome work in Sommerset Debbi. I spotted yours straight away :-)

Suzanne said...

Hi Debbi, I just saw your Singing Bird piece in SS mag and love it! So I wondered if you had a blog, and did a yahoo search--sure enough, here you are! I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful art!

kelsey said...

This is the first thing I do when I receive my issues of Somerset Studio....go through the mag, look at all the artwork and scan the names looking for "Debbi Baker" and any other Aussies...I'm never disappointed with what I see of your work and love the variety in the mag.

Great piece that rusty one!!! Gorgeous!!!

Homeleightigger said...

Soooper post Debbi - loved reading it and everything you've been creating. Many congrats. on further publications. Val

Anonymous said...

Debbi.....i saw your pieces in the mag and they are all gorgeous. I wanted to email you to tell you as soon as i got the issue but i was afraid i might ruin the surprise in case you didn't know but big congrats on your pieces in there.