Monday, 26 November 2007

Inching Artists - All That Glitters (& Wonderful Mail)

I think I am becoming addicted to inchies - they are such a good way of using up some of those small strips of cardstock and fabric (trimmings!) that I just cannot throw out!!

This week's theme is "All that glitters" on the Inching Artists Challenge Blog (we need more players - come on, join in - inchies are easy and quick - and you even just do ONE!). I mean, how easy is that?

I have used gold webbing spray on black cardstock (pulled already sprayed from one of many "trimmings" boxes) with a large gold sequin topped by a smaller but still big pink sequin with iridescent gold flakes (what on earth did I buy them for anyway?) glued on top. I have outlined the edges with a pale gold Krylon pen. They will look good mounted together in a strip (instead of the crooked line-up above). They are very glittery although of course this doesn't show up very well in the scan.

And today I received a wonderful envelope in the mail from Andrea - she had enjoyed receiving an envelope from Australia and she very rightly guessed that I would love one from France! Andrea has sent me a wonderful 2008 Marc Chagall calendar and the sweetest knitted brooch which will look just perfect on a fabric journal I have been planning to make for myself. And look at those wonderful French stamps - they caused me as much excitement as the contents, especially that amazing large Bibliotheque one! Thanks so much for everything Andrea.


catharinas-love said...

Love your inchies Debbi !

ANDREA said...

Hi Debbie, so the package finally arrived:) I'm so glad that you like the things in it and the stamps too. Yesterday evening I watched something on TV about Australia, there were beautiful pictures from animals, and they spoke a lot about Arnheim territory and interviewed some very nice aboriginee people about dream time. But you could tell that these people know how to keep their secrets intact:) The TV magazine was just a tiny little glimps into you wonderful country.
have a great day,
Your inchies are like little jewels!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
I'm back in blogland!!
Many thanks for you encouragement re the exhibition, it went really we. Good to get my life back though!!
Your inchies are delicious and certainly very sparkly. You've been very busy too with some brilliant stuff, it doesn't take very long to loose track of what you're doing, you're so prolific!
I shall be back to the triptych now, and i think the break has loosened up the creative cogs , so hopefully I will finish it very soon.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Debbi, the inchies are great. You really sound like an ambassador for inchies, I almost got tempted...

Myra said...

Inchies are truly addicting! Yours look fabulous.

ATCLindaB said...

oooh la la these are just lovely inchies, you sure had some fun with them :)
Yes the more players the better

Still Waters Studio said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is lovely as well. I love the way that art is bringing together kindred spirits from opposite sides of the world.

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Debbi - I have just spent a very pleasant half hour reading your Blog and looking at all your stuff - absolutely mind blowing - I love it all! Val

katelnorth said...

Nice inchies, Debbie - I missed All that Glitters - just not enough time in that week (and it was a short inchie week) but I'm hoping to be back for the next one. If only there were more hours in the day!