Thursday, 8 November 2007

I'm back & Esperance was BEAUTIFUL!

I got back tonight an hour and a half ago and while I am a bit tired from the drive I am still exhilarated from the two walks I managed to get on the beach - dusk yesterday and again early this morning! I know this is nothing to get excited about for those of you that live on the coast but living a long way inland for the last 14 years has really made me appreciate any coastal time that comes my way!!Just a short post tonight with a few pictures from last night's walk. There was lightning and rain and a magnificent rainbow a half an hour later so it was just as well we went walking as soon as we arrived! You can see from the light that a storm was imminent. It had all blown over by morning so the beach and jetty had that lovely just washed "look" for our walk this morning.

Esperance (which is only a small town but which services a harbour and a significant agricultural region) has a great craft shop (Create & Sew) so of course I had to do a quick ten minute shop there once we finished our business and before we hit the road again. I bought a few odds and ends and an absolutely beautiful fabric inspiration pack which I will photograph for my next post. And I have come home to the latest Stamping & Papercraft magazine and also Cloth Paper Scissors so I am off to bed for a good read.


ANDREA said...

Hi Debbi, beautiful pictures from the beach. The closest beach from Paris is about 2 or 3 hours away in Normandie, and since I came to Paris in 2001, we never went there... But I long for it too!
Thanks for taking us with you on this nice walk!

The fabric kit sounds good, too! I'm looking forward to see what it is:)

Thanks again for your card,I just love this little beauty and I allowed myself to take your picture of it in order to put in on my blog, I hope that is ok. Thanks again , and have a wonderful day, with remnants of saltwater-breeze in your nose

Jacquelines blog said...

Well, when you take this two magazines of to bed I hope you have a good night.
Lately I am dreaming about all things I see on blogs and magazines!! But it also gives me new ideas, so this are the best dreams!!!

sharon young said...

Hi Debbi
What great pics, your beach looks wonderful, I'm lucky enough to live about an hour away from the beach but it's not as lovely as the one you showed us, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your fabrics tomorrow.
Have a good read/sleep!

Sue McGettigan said...

Sounds perfect - the beach walks and the early night with magazines - life is good :)

Danielle D said...

Oh, those photos are so beautiful, they make me (not a big fan of sand and sea) yearn for a trip to the beach.