Saturday, 8 September 2007

So Glad it is the Weekend!

Well I got back Thursday afternoon and collapsed into bed - I got sick on Tuesday as soon as I left town practically. It was a struggle to get through the three days away although it was made a whole lot better by catching up with my friend Jude in Meekatharra (she flew from Perth for the meeting on the horrible "cigar" plane - it is long and thin like a cigar, a 19 seater and you can't stand up in it. Very claustrophobic!). So yesterday I spent the day in bed (thank goodness the Esperance trip was cancelled) and today I am planning more of the same, but I was feeling so blog-deprived I have temporarily relocated to the computer. It is not helped by the fact that Joseph is even sicker but at least Zach has made a full recovery, even if he did pass it on - nothing like a family that shares!

The sunrise photos are quick shots I took over our side fence before I left on Tuesday morning - it was really glorious and I wish I had a better camera and better photography skills. I like the way you can still see the moon in the first one.

The next photos are of one of the quite famous and very unusual Antony Gormley statues that are installed on a salt lake - Lake Ballard- outside of the now very small town of Menzies which is north of Kalgoorlie. This statue is the one closest to the road but there are 51 of them altogether, scattered across the lake. Because we were taking a bit of a short cut using dirt roads to get to Meekatharra (it takes at least an hour, probably more off an 8 hour plus drive) we were on the road that goes directly past the Lake so there was an opportunity for some quick photos. A work colleague took the photos with my camera - I was already feeling very feverish and wasn't get out of the car to trudge across the salt and to stand in the very cold wind!

The little hilly island sits in the lake and is really quite magical I think. You are not supposed to take vehicles or motor bikes out on the lake but you can see from the pictures that some people have and it cuts up the surface a lot which is a shame. It is quite a hike around the lake if you want to see them all so I guess people try to make it quicker by using bikes. Here are a couple of links to some more information about the statues if you are interested: Shire of Menzies and ABC Goldfields

Postcard by Karin Hutchinson

And to make sure this post has something to do with my arty crafty pursuits I have included scans of the results of the latest fibre postcard exchange that I am in with a small group of fellow Australians - it was my turn to chose the theme so it was "fragments".

Postcard by Coralee Barker (needle felted)

I love all the different interpretations! The next theme is "pattern" and I need to get started on them along with a whole pile of other stuff for swaps that are due by the end of this month.

Top postcard by me and bottom one by Fiona Mortimore

Hopefully later today I will get enough energy to make some pieces for all the weekly challenges that I have missed so far this week.


MargaretR said...

What a lovely posting. Your top photos of the sunrise are magical. You could intepret thaose into fabric in some way? The statue is fantastic and it's difficult to imagine 50 of them spread out on a dried out lake. I hope you feel better soon.

Danielle said...

Hi Debbi - I've snuck in to have a look at the postcards even though I wasn't in the swap. They're so beautiful! Love the different ways that everyone took them.