Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Progress Report on the Weekend So Far!

Lutradur & Lace Background -
a technique from the new Fibre & Stitch Zine

Playing around with alcohol ink backgrounds

Well I had great plans for a creative weekend and so far so good! I have however, given up on trying to do something for the Artwords theme of "cupcake" - unfortunately it is just not happening for me so I will have to skip this week's challenge.

My embellisher postcard for Doreen Grey -
based on two colours of panne velvet with ribbon, beading & stitching

I have been working on some alcohol ink backgrounds (using Adirondack inks which I have had for quite a while now but never got around to opening!), doing some cards for a Stamping & Papercraft "With One Stamp" challenge, finishing my first two abstract fibre postcards made with my embellisher and also having a play with the Lutradur & Lace technique from the new Fibre & Stitch Zine. I also made an altered postcard for Joseph for Father's Day - a bit of zany fun really.

My embellisher postcard for Jane P - felt, tulle and organza with ribbon and beading

Family wise - Zach has a bad head cold and throat infection so is rugged up on the couch and is totally engrossed in the first two books of Christopher Paolini's "The Inheritance Trilogy" - I went to the library yesterday morning but they were already out on loan so I went and bought them at the bookshop. Book One was devoured yesterday/last night and Book Two is getting a fair bit of attention today! Seems they are "epic". It is a beautiful day here for the start of spring so Joseph is mowing the lawn and doing some gardening and in between my creative bursts I have been cooking (yummy buckwheat pancakes with berries and bananas for Joseph's Father's Day breakfast in bed!) and doing the rest of the washing. It is so nice to be able to open up all the windows and air the house properly without making us all too cold. I am using my scented oil lamps to infuse the house with the smell of lovely rose geraniums and it never ceases to amaze me how much pleasure nice smells give me!

One of my altered book spreads - "Travel"


Jacquelines blog said...

It seems that you're weekend has improved? You have done such a great job, here. Keep up!!!!

Doreen G said...

You have been very busy Debbie and I love everything that you have been doing-can't wait to see the postcard in the flesh-(sorry I peeked)

Lisa Renéa said...

WOW! Debbi, I must whole heartedly thank you for commenting on my blog, your post allowed me to see your amazing art! So many lovely pieces, here!

ingeniouslycreative said...

Wow Debbie!!!! Your work never ceases to leave me breathless!!! I just love it and gain so much inspiration from you!!! Hugs, Carol in England

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful, wonderful work Debbi. That Lace and Lutradur piece is gorgeous. And that altered book is as they say 'to die for'. Fantastic.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are all beautiful!

Jen Crossley said...

Stunning Debbi I love the colours especially love the top purple one !!