Saturday, 22 September 2007

Artwords - Water

The current theme for the Artwords Challenge is "water" and as this challenge site is open to any medium I am posting a photo this time for a change! This is one of my favourite bath-time photos of my sons Josh and Zach when they were little kids - about 6 and 3 (I think). Baths were just another form of play to them. I love the way kids seem to have an extra radiancy after a bath (and it isn't just because the dirt has been washed off!!)

It wasn't too long after this photo that we had a field mouse come into the house and we discovered the tiny little thing in the boy's bath. Josh refused to ever use the bath again and only had showers after that. It's funny the way things affect us all differently as it certainly didn't bother Zach.

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rebecca said...

This really has nothing to do with your cute boys or the mouse (I'd only take showers after that, too!), though they are as cute as can be.... I stumbled onto your site while Googling something else! How serendipitous can you get. I love your style and all the vintage images. I checked out a couple of the links you have, too. I'll definitely put you on my Reader and will be back for an extended visit, but now I have to get back to my original search. Wonderful site and work!!!!!!