Thursday, 2 August 2007

Holidays!! & Tags

(A page of mine from a colour based journal exchange - items that I am not currently packing!!)

I am on holidays for a whole two weeks and two days!! Feeling very excited about this as you can probably tell. I leave on the "Prospector" train to Perth tomorrow morning at 7am and will be back late next Friday evening so my little blog is going to be unattended for awhile. My second week of holidays will be spent at home creating - I have promised myself that I am going to conquer (read "use") my Dremel and I am sure I am going to be feeling very inspired as a result of taking three one day workshops with the wonderful Beryl Taylor. I'll probably also have a few new supplies to play with as a result of attending the Quilt & Craft Fair over the coming weekend. I am sure I will find something I need!!

I am also really looking forward to this little holiday as it gives me a chance to catch up with friends and family in Perth. The photo above is of my son Josh (a uni student living in Perth - pre-haircut!!) and myself when I was last in Perth in May (I think I must have been standing in a dip in the pavement - I know I am short and Josh is tall but...). The next photo is of him with his beautiful girlfriend Monique - who incidentally is shorter than me in real life!. (These bits are probably only of interest to family blog readers!)

Today I found out that Nancy Ward has tagged my blog (thanks Nancy!) so I get to nominate five other blogs that I love and that I think others will enjoy knowing about. As everyone says, this is really hard, as I read a lot of fantastic blogs but I have chosen the following ones as they are ones where I feel a very special connection in one way or another:

Jacqueline - I just love this woman's experimental, innovative approach to fabric (and her ever increasing mixed media interests!!) It is very helpful that her blog also includes an English translation but that hasn't stopped me asking her a thousand questions - which, to her credit, she has always answered! I love the fact that Jacqueline loves blogging and posts regularly, even if it is without obligation.

Lynda - Once again it is the fabric and surface embellishment work that Lynda does that completely draws me in. I find myself staring at the enlarged versions of of her pieces trying to work out exactly how she gets such fantastic texture in her pieces. Lynda is also a very busy woman who manages her creativity in a way that inspires me.

Keron - As with the above two, I haven't yet met Keron (who lives on the other side of Australia from me) but we are planning ourselves a wonderful time for the 2008 Artistic Journey Art Retreat in Melboune next May (when I get to do fantastic classes with Misty Mawn, Traci Bautista and Nina Bagley - I mean, can you imagine that much stimulation in just three days!!). Keron's blog is colourful, informative and touching and I think I am really going to click with this woman!

Jen - This Aussie I have met! Only at a couple of conventions in the East but she is wonderful person and I feel as though I know her far better than I really do! Jen is an amazing assemblage artist and her sense of proportion and balance and everything else is just perfect! She also occasionally stamps!! Check out her blog for some wonderful stuff.

Judy - I "sort of" met Judy at the Fremantle Art Retreat earlier this year and starting reading her blog afterwards when I started my own. She is a very inspiring artist and her visual anthologies "blow me away" (don't you hate people who parenthesize everything like I do!). She is incredibly detailed in her approach and in her use of symbols and I just love visiting her blog. Because of the intensely personal and work she does I often find I need to revisit an post several times to really absorb/handle the words and images.

And this photo is of another page I did in the color based journal exchange a while back - it is one of my favourite pages and I have posted it here today as lately I have been working on some submissions for Somerset Studio's Green theme and therefore don't have any new art to post here!

See you in a week!


Kari said...

Have a great holiday! While you're away, I'll catch up on all I've missed of your blog the past week or so. I feel like I've been "blog deprived" for the past 10 or 11 days. lol
Hope you have a great time while you're away (but don't forget to get back on and post about your great time when you get back!)

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Debbi, Have a lovely time, with lots of inspirations. I hope we'll see a lot of things that you learned in Beryl Taylors class. But I hope it is only a little influence for you, because you're own work is pretty already. I shall miss you're posts.

Jo Wholohan said...

Cant wait to hear all about Beryl, will be fantastic im sure!!!! Have a wonderful break.

Kari said...

Debbi, I have passed on an award to you. It's called the Creative Blogger Award. I'm pretty sure I don't deserve it, but I KNOW that you do! I don't think a whole lot of people read my blog, but I hope those that do come over to yours to check out your stuff. It's too beautiful not to share!
Check out my blog for details.

Sue McGettigan said...

Enjoy your holiday Debbi - I know you'll have a great time seeing your family in Perth and taking those classes!

jo and jacky said...

Was so nice to catch up with you here in Perth Debi (and yes, I found your blog all by myself!!)
Beryls class was fantastic wasn't it??!! I am soooo inspired and have not stopped playing with all I have learnt.
Can't wait to read all about your other classes.
Love Jo xoxo

Judy said...

Hi Deb,
WEll thanks so much for the lovely things you said about my blog- much appreciated. Hope you are having a good time.