Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Monday that was...

Problem: Yesterday morning I decided that I hadn't got around to a whole pile of things (including several "life" type things as opposed to "creative" type things) on the weekend that really needed doing. Solution: Create a list. Downside: I can now clearly see how little I got done from the list in the last 24 hours! Upside: I feel more organised about what is not getting done.

So, while I should have been making travel bookings for my August trip to Perth, organising and filing paperwork, doing some of the gargantuan ironing pile etc etc, I had fun making some Adirondack Color Wash backgrounds for a beeswax ATC exchange that I need to get mailed in about a week. I love the way you can blend these colours! The theme is "Roma" so I have stamped one of my favourite Lazar Studiowerx collage stamps (Roman) on lemon tissue paper and I think the background will show through the tissue paper nicely once it has been adhered with the beeswax. I plan to do some more on these tonight.

I started this post this morning before rushing off to work and now it is lunch time. It is a very cold grey winter's day here so I have come home to check the mail and to make a nicely decadent toasted cheese and ham sandwich. I've got the heater on and a nice cup of tea as well so it is going to take a lot of will power to go back to work in a little while!

But the best part of coming home was that Lynda's stunning textural fabric postcard was sitting in the letterbox waiting for me - it is just beautiful and it is the first "naked" fabric postcard I have received. And it has travelled half way round the world and arrived in pristine condition! I add too many lumpy beads and things to risk it I think but it is much more postcardy this way!! Thanks so much Lynda - it will be on my inspiration wall tonight - I love it!


Natalie B said...

Hi Debbi... I love the backgrounds!! I am a big huge fan of beautiful backgrounds and I've heard lots about the Adirondack colour washes, but have not yet purchased any. Can you please tell me where you purchased yours from?? Do you purchase your lazerworx stamps directly from the company and are they wood mounted?? Lots of questions.... sorry no rush for the anwers. oh and do you just spray the colour washes directly or do you need to blend with solution?? Tee hee, that's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there'll be more.... Hugs to you Nat

Debbi B said...

Thanks Natalie - I always love your comments!! Ok I'm with you on backgrounds! These ones are so easy - I have cut pieces of mat board to a size a bit bigger than ATCS so I can cut them down when I am finished. I spray them liberally with water and then quickly squirt 3 colours on different parts of the background, add an extra squirt of walnut ink in one corner and then either leave to dry or angle to encourage the colours to run. Leave to dry. I love the way the colours mix but it really does depend on the water spray - not enough water and they still look great but don't blend.

I got mine from The Thread Studio (no idea how the cost compares to other suppliers - I just love Dale!) and I bought about seven colours as I couldn't decide, but I am going to get the rest too as they are wonderful. They are great on fabric too. I am using them on everything!! If you like using walnut ink I am sure you will like them. The spray part is a bit temperamental but cope-able!

Re Lazar Studiowerx - I have heaps of them and mine are all unmounted and were mostly bought from Scrapbook Designs a few years ago but I don't know if they are still selling them. They are wonderful stamps.

Jas said...

Oh I love that blue butterfly fabric postcard -I want! Stunning!