Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Something completely different!

These two pictures are of my two pages in Fiona's Heart Shaped book. It is part of a small round robin based on shaped books (mine was the arch). Other than using the heart shape for our pages, Fiona's only other requirement was that we include something we love at the moment. I am in love with the pink and orange colour combination and have been for quite a while although I don't actually do that much art in this colourway so my pages celebrate this love! The background to the scans is silk fusion paper which I have also made in these colours but I didn't end up using any on the actual pages.

The first page is based on a piece of very pink fabric paper that I made some time ago (a la Beryl Taylor). I have toned it down with gesso and then added some stamping, the picture, beading, the orange flower trim etc and a final dusting of Micropearl Pearl-Ex which is a product I have had for several years and hardly used.

The second page is based on striped scrapbook paper which had been stamped several times in different colours (white gesso, Orchid Chalk Ink, Brilliance Orange) with flourishes/swirls (Fancy Pants and Rhonna Farrar), text (Oxford Impressions) and a small heart. The picture, embellishments and trims are then added along with some dots of dimensional paint and gel pen. The flower in the little girl's hair looks too big but it only just covers the enormous bow she was actually wearing in the photo! The ric rac doesn't go all around the heart as Fiona is binding the book on the bottom left side and that part needs to be relatively flat.


Jen Crossley said...

Your Fabric work is amazing Debbi .
I love the colours so vibrate.
You never cease too amaze me

Sarah said...

Tag! You're it! I am tagging you to post seven random facts about yourself on your blog, and then tag seven other people. Have fun!

Your heart pages are so beautiful! Amazing work. :)

Jacquelines blog said...

These pages are wonderfull Debbi!!!

Natalie B said...

Debbi, you are awesome!! I love the colour combo and have used it a bit myself and it always looks stunning. Cheers Nat

Night Owl Designs said...

I love the pink and orange combo too Debbi! Beautiful work :o)

Barbara said...

you have so many inspirations! Beautiful hearts!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely...so pretty

Elizabeth said...

i love your work in Fiona's Heart book!! I am also currently in love with Pink and Orange combo- used to hate it as a kid!! My garden this year is very VERY pink and orange and the Hummers and butterflies love it as well!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!!
Thank you also for your kind words left on my blog!!!