Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Rusted Fabric Experiments & Assorted Stuff!

Well I have just got back from taking Mum to catch her train back to Perth (it will take about 7 hours) and then she will overnight in Perth before catching the bus to Margaret River tomorrow (about 4 or 5 hours on the bus I think because of the stops). We have had such a lovely time although it always surprises me how quickly a fortnight can go!

The picture at the top is of my patchwork applique quilt that I started for Mum several years ago (before I was doing anything experimental with fabric or surface embellishment). It is birdhouse themed because of Mum's love of them. I used a Debbie Mumm pattern and adapted it a bit - it will look nice in Mum's living room I think (that was the plan and the reason I originally used those colours!)

The next photo is of Mum's No-Knit scarf drying on the pool fence. It is very pretty and lacy looking. You can see from the photo that Saturday here was an incredibly sunny winter's day!

The photo above is of my rusted fabric experiements when I first unwrapped them. The rest are scans of small sections of the fabric once it had been washed. I learnt a lot in the process and I think re-rusting and over-dyeing will yield really interesting results so I am going to try that too. I was surprised that all sorts of different fabrics reacted to the rust quite well. I think I like the results best on the soft silky fabric (it isn't silk but a soft fabric remnant I bought with no details). The markings are very crisp on that fabric and it is a fairly large remnant so I will be trying some more variations with that one. It is the top piece in the second photo below. I also love the copper rust patina effect on the small piece. It was a very old hair adornment that was very rusty but it must have some copper content I guess!

Tonight I am hoping to finish the beading on my "Paint Metal Fabric" quilt for Fiona - I am now weeks late with that and feeling very bad about it. I keep changing my mind about what I am doing on it!

PS I have made any inchies for days!! (I am suffering withdrawal symptoms ...)


Jo Wholohan said...

Ive been seeing this rust tec everywhere on blogs, it is soooo devine deb!!! Can you tell me what you do????
Cant wait to see your paint metal fabric creation for Fiona!!!

Purple Missus said...

These rusted fabrics have turned out really well. I love the one with the copper rust patina effect. Have you any ideas what you are going to use them for?

Night Owl Designs said...

Your rusty fabric is gorgeous Debbi!

Jacquelines blog said...

You're rusty fabric turned out great Debbie!

Jen Crossley said...

WOW This rusty fabric is gorgeous Debbi I love the different effect you have gotten from it.

Marie C said...

Love this technique too - gives such natural effects...these look great :)

downunderdale said...

glorious rust stuff, Debbi - just the red dirt out there should do it??

Barbara said...

rusty fabric!
wonderful pieces!
I am also trying to get a good rusty piece , but i cannot show it on my blog because its for a swap.