Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Mid Week Musings

Well it is Wednesday morning and I have been sitting here watching the dawn - mornings really do make you think of fresh starts and new beginnings!

My Mum arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon and she has arrived with a mission to introduce me to the wonders of Andre Rieu and his music! We watched part of one of his DVDs last night (Mum has come equipped with six of his DVDs) and it really was rather lovely. Apart from the lovely music, he really is a performer and his passion and enjoyment really shine through. I gather (from the facts that Mum has at her disposal!) that he is very widely known but because I have an aversion to TV, radio and newspapers, I am the sort of person who mostly finds out about music when I am introduced to it. I love music but tend to have strong favourites.

Tonight is our little stamping threesome get together (which will be a foursome tonight now that Mum is here) and I was lying in bed earlier wondering what I would take to work on, given that I mostly talk at these meetings! That made me remember that I haven't put a photo on here of the lovely coffee mug fabric cuff that my friend Annie Laing made for me a few weeks ago. It is really cool.and is based on the Cloth Paper Scissors template I think. The other photo is one of the pages I did in a "Midnight" Journal a while back. The long skinny shape was a really nice change to work with. (sorry about the layout issues this morning!)

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Anonymous said...

Debbie, Thank you for sharing your passion with us all via the net. I enjoy your creations!

*You can assure your Mom that Andre Rieu is planning a tour to Australia before too long. Send her over to our site & blog and we will share with her, as you share with us. :)

Thanks again.