Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sunday Bliss

I have had such a lovely weekend!

Yesterday I received an email from Somerset Studio saying that I have something in the July/August (Nature Preserved) edition so that made my day. I sent in about six pieces as that theme really appealed but of course I have no idea which piece was selected or even if more than one has been chosen. I didn't do anything for the next edition (Vintage Halloween) as I just don't relate to the theme given that it has no relevance here in Australia (except for the kids who think it is a way to get lollies!) + I have always found masks and bats too creepy!!

Yesterday, and today on and off, I have been working on some pieces for the Christmas edition - Readers' Gallery- section of Somerset Studio and I have indulged myself. Most of them are probably not particularly suitable (as in Christmasey) but I enjoyed making them and that is the main thing! I always find it hard to do things so far in advance of the actual season!

Today I made marshmallow brownies (to keep the male side of the family happy) and Zach's soccer team won (actually both teams he plays for won, including the team that plays Friday nights). The sun was shining for most of the day and I felt very productive and happy. Sounds a bit dense when you write it but it really is true - some days I am just SO happy!

I was intending to catch up on my Sunday Artwords challenge for the week but the theme is "Bustle" and it just hasn't inspired me in the short amount of time available since I got back! I think I will just focus on the Wednesday Stamper challenge which is "Games"- there is some fantastic artwork on this theme already ... go here to have a look -

I have scanned my re-worked Wednesday Stamper canvas for the Turquoise theme (to see the original go to my post of Sunday 13 May) . It just didn't seem finished to me and although I am now happy with it, I can see that it is probably more conservative now as I have added elements to all four corners (I seem to need that sort of balance in the art I make!) . I was very tempted to add a word (such as "Inspire" or "Beauty") but I don't seem to be able to forget Carol Lunn's comment to me a couple of years ago about the common practice of labelling art! So I added Hero Arts flowers instead.

I have also uploaded Kim Skinner's pages in my Cream Journal - they are lovely and textural although that may not really show up in the scans. Kim is known for her altered books and her love of fine mesh - what that woman can do with mesh (the sort that is known in Australia as fly wire!) On my desk at work I have a fantastic piece of altered art that Kim produced for a one-on-one exchange last year - it is themed "Create" and every day I look at it and remember why I need my day job!! I must take some photos and share it - it is fantastic and I gets lots of interesting comments from having it on my desk.


Natalie B said...

Congratulations Debbi, can't wait to get my issue to see which piece or pieces you have in their.

Barbara said...

Wonderful ! I find parts of my postcard from you! I love the woman!

Judy said...

Congrats on the Somerset issue. i was reading an old issue on Paris today - as i do sometimes - and saw one of your subs, it was so nice. Don't tell me yu post them off in original format - I would be too scared???