Sunday, 13 May 2007

My Mum

It's Mother's Day (or at least it is here in Australia) and I just wanted to send a little blog tribute to my wonderful Mum. I was quite "grown up" before I realised that not everyone has a wonderful mother and a strong, healthy and happy relationship with her. I guess I took it for granted for many years but along the way I have realized just how lucky I am.

The photo is of my mum Rene and my youngest sister Kathryn, both beautiful special people in my life. I wish my other beautiful sister, Marrijane was in the photo as well. It was taken at the end of last year when my two sisters and I all got to be together with Mum, along with some members of our various families, in Margaret River for a holiday. It was the first time we had managed to all be together since Dad's funeral a few years back and it was a really special time. When you live scattered across the country it really makes you appreciate family time even more I think.

So Mum I am sending you love and thanks for being so special. Can't wait for your visit in June - I have so many "projects" planned that I am sure we will enjoy working on together! So glad we have so many shared interests!!

This is a photo of my Mum nearly 54 years ago on her wedding day to my equally special Dad. Her Mum Ethel is on the left and my Dad's Mum Beatrice is on the right. It is just a scan of a photocopy of a photo so not great reproduction (lots of flotsomy bits!!) but it is a favourite of mine.

PS I am planning on uploading some more cream journal pages and the results of my weekend's creating tonight hopefully.

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Dianne said...

Well I see where your beauty inside and out come from, its lovely to hear about you great family.
Well your parents did a great job raising such a sweet person like you Debbie... Your mother wedding pic is great she looks so beautiful..
Your creme journal is also very beautiful, brilliant work...
I wish you a Happy Mothers day too.