Saturday, 19 May 2007

Last post until Thursday...

Well I thought I would squeeze in one more post before I leave (work trip, nothing exciting unfortunately). I'll be back on Thursday evening and I expect I will be feeling very blog-deprived by then after five days without a computer!

This canvas was a UFO* until yesterday when I decided to finish it off. I'm not totally happy with the result but I was in a bright art mood and it was fun to play with my new paper flowers and ribbon. I wasn't happy with the intensity of the white ink on the stamped background text so I went over it with a white gel pen. Think I might start just writing on some backgrounds for a change instead of relying on stamped images all the time.

* UFO = unfinished object

I have had a super busy Sunday morning - rushed into work to do some last minute printing of information I need to take with me, rushed down to the monthly Boulder Street Markets and rushed back home to pack. I am leaving soon but had to "report" my great excitement of the morning - I met a young guy and his two young sons at the markets - they spend their spare time fossicking in the bush and then sell the old bottles and ink wells etc that they find. I love old bottles but I have promised myself I won't buy anymore but they also had a small collection of really rusty old bits and pieces - buckles, watch pieces, buttons etc. A lot of then had been burnt at some stage and they are just perfect for my taste! Needless to say I bought the lot. When I explained that I wanted them for collage he told me he usually makes the boys leave all that sort of stuff but now he is going to let the boys collect it for me. Much cheaper and more convenient for me compared to spending days in the bush! He said they often find lots of doll parts but I can't handle decapitated heads and unattached body limbs - they spook me.

The photos below are of the dreamy Cream Journal pages the very creative (and productive!) Jo Wholohan made for my journal. Jo is really into layers and it is wonderful looking a her art and realising just how much detail and layering is involved.

Wishing everyone a happy, creative week!