Thursday, 10 May 2007

A bit of this and a bit of that

It was a real thrill to open the latest Somerset Studio and find that my little floral canvas piece was on the same page as creations by two other Aussies! Way to go girls!! Congratulations to Sephi K (first time in SS I think so hopefully feeling very chuffed with herself - top right corner) and Jenny Garlick (bottom left corner). It is another great issue including a fascinating article by the incredible Misty Mawn (and how lucky are we to have her coming to Australia next May?)

So what else I have been up to since the weekend tag marathon? Well I took a bit of a break from the tags and had a look at the Travelling Suitcase Quilt Display that was in Kalgoorlie on Sunday. It is a collection of small quilts made by members of the Western Australian Quilter's Association to celebrate the group's 30th birthday and has "Memories" as the theme. It is part of a suitcase of small quilts that travel around Australia. There were some really interesting quilts and they gave me lots of ideas for future fabric work!

It is a bit of a stressful time at work so I haven't felt really motivated in the evenings and then I have managed to sidetrack myself by looking for things in my stamping room (bad move - way too much stuff in there). Feeling bad about being behind with a couple of trades too - guilt sits heavily on my shoulders (where I would much rather a quilt resting lightly on my lap).

Talking of quilt guilt - I started a mostly handmade birdhouse applique quilt for my Mum quite some years ago and I still haven't finished it even though there are probably only a half dozen hours of background hand quilting to go. Sometimes I mystify myself.

Last night I joined friends Annie and Narelle for a canvas/tissue stamping/beeswax evening. We had fun and each finished a small canvas. I really do love introducing people to my favourite techniques.I'd upload a photo of mine but I want to change an embellishment on mine that just does not look quite right and I have to melt the wax a bit to do that.

Tonight I am going to work on a fabric postcard trade - I am using a felt and tissue background from my Frescos and Fragments workshop in March with the wonderful Dale Rollerson.

So a photo to finish - this was last year's birthday "card" for my sister Marrijane (who is still patiently waiting for this year's one!!) I really don't make many cards anymore - I love to use canvas or book covers like this one. The article that inspired this piece was by Roben-Marie Smith of Paperbag Studios (in one of the early issues of CPS I think).

PS I am having formatting troubles tonight so if this looks yukky please accept my apologies but I am not going to fiddle anymore!


Judy said...

Congrats ob the Somerset piece, still waiting for my copy. The card for your sister is awesome. My blogger has also been having formatting problems too, it can be so frustrating. Thanks for the comments on my blog - really appreciate them :)

Natalie B said...

Congrats Debbi on getting into Somerset. Gorgeous piece. Love the card for your sister too.

Night Owl Designs said...

I'm positively *giddy* Debbi! Thanks for posting the photo, I'm still waiting for my copy.... Sephi

Purple Missus said...

Well done Debbi and what a lovely piece too.