Saturday, 28 April 2007

Having trouble tonight with Blogger

For some reason Blogger won't let me upload anything tonight unfortunately, so this is just a quick little post to say that a big chunk of today was spent working on my tags (and doing the week's washing, which was actually a pleasure on such a glorious autumn day).

I'm making good progress on the tags and it is mostly a case of assembling them now. Tonight I am going to work on my "paper fabric" quilt a la Beryl Taylor. Can't wait for her workshops in Perth in August - she is so inspiring and I love the way she mixes paper and fabric together. I must contact Dale at The Thread Studio to find out if details are confirmed yet as I'd hate to miss out. I'll be taking some annual recreation leave to get to this as I lose a couple of days travelling (by train or car) unless I fly ($ I would rather spend on a Janome Xpressions).

Hoping the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors arrives in my letter box on Monday - once I know a new issue is out I find the wait so hard! Until tomorrow - when blogger may be a bit more cooperative!

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