Friday, 6 April 2007

Easter Wishes

I don't know if it is just me but I seem to struggle with titles for posts!

But the title really is genuine - I am sending everyone lots of wishes for a peaceful, loving and happy Easter and for anyone that has creative urges, I hope you get the chance to indulge - sewing, painting, stamping, cooking, gardening, whatever is your bliss...

Last night I was so tired I went to bed early and read magazines - my new "Stamper's Sampler" and "Stamping & Papercraft" both arrived yesterday. Congratulations to fellow Aussie, Loretta D'Onofrio for her fantastic spread in the Stamper's Sampler. Great articles too in S & P by my friends down in Albany - Jhodi Bennett and Sue Smith. These guys are so clever and productive!

As a result of going to bed so early, I didn't have dinner (you know when you are just too tired for anything!) and woke up at midnight hungry, so spent an hour and a half reading newly discovered blogs while I had a cup of tea. It was actually great fun - the house was so dark and quiet, no crappy TV blaring in the background - I am the only one in this house that doesn't have a TV addiction. I had to make myself go back to bed to get the rest of the night's sleep quota so I would have energy for art today! Do you like the little index card at the bottom of this post? I made it via at 2am - I think they are so cute!

The quilt posted today is another from the Art Quilt exchange. This is one I made for Fiona Mortimore. Fiona's theme was Vintage Fairy Children and it was so much fun to do I did both sides. Fiona does stunning work with paper and fabric so if you haven't looked at her blog, you really should. I especially love her use of colur, finishing touches and attention to detail on her art quilts.


Natalie B said...

OHhhhhh these are just so yummy!! Have a wonderful Easter too and I hope you get lots of time to play. :-) Natalie

Judy said...

Those quilts are unbelievable, amazing and spectacular all rolled into one.