Saturday, 31 March 2007

Weekend Bliss

Well it is now 1pm on Saturday and I have managed to use my Friday evening and Saturday morning very productively. The house has had a good vacuum and bit of a dusting (!) and several loads of washing have been done so I am free to play! Joe has gone to watch his beloved Dockers at his club (where he can shout at the TV screen and not get me agitated) and Zach is doing a full day shift at his part-time job at Target. This means I have nearly five hours before anyone else will be home and I can play my music loud and get creative.

I am going to continue working on my Nina Book (I think 12 pages was a bit ambitious actually) and hopefully get a start on my "Serenity" fabric postcards. Up until now I have only made one fabric postcard as an experiment (the daisy one pictured above) but I have been collecting appropriate supplies and I am really looking forward to making these. I think the size is better for me than ATCs when it comes to fabric - it doesn't feel as fiddly.

And if creativity doesn't happen, I can happily lose myself in the latest Quilting Arts magazine (No 26) which arrived yesterday from The Thread Studio (fantastic service as usual, thanks Dale!).

Vanity confession - I changed my profile photo today. The one I first used was taken at the Art Retreat in early March but I got my fringe cut tooooo short thinking it would be better than having my hair in my eyes. Joe took this quick snap at the wedding last weekend and it is a bit blurry and I am a bit pink from the champagne, but at least the fringe is three weeks longer!


Jas said...

The fabric postcard looks very sunny wanting me to have spring come round early rather than winter! (maybe you can make your next one dark and moody to make up for this..?)
Love your little updates on life and art. Hope you played that music nice and loud whilst the boys were out...

Natalie B said...

Hi Debbi,

Love your postcard. So bright and gorgeous. Hope you had loads of fun playing... Big hugs Natalie b