Tuesday, 27 March 2007

I'm back...

I don't think I had time to even post before I left, but we drove to Perth on Friday so that we could go to a wedding on Saturday. I was originally supposed to drive back on Sunday with Joseph but ended up needing to be in Perth for work on Monday so stayed down and flew home last night.

Three trips to Perth in one month means I am really looking forward to staying put for a few weeks (hopefully).

I didn't get a chance to take many photos but here is one of the lovely couple dancing at the reception. Please try and ignore the fact that I managed to get a shot that included doors as well as the couple! It was a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed the reception and the lovely people we met from Geraldton and Carnarvon.

And here is a photo from the weekend before when I was in Perth (again!) and had lunch with my son Josh and his girlfriend Monique. Yes, Josh is glaring at me for daring to take a photo! But I just couldn't resist and let's face it, I am a proud Mum.

Finally the lovely Annette Husband has sent me a photo she took of Jhodi Bennett, Sue Smith and I with the beautiful and inspiring Nina Bagley after our workshop on the first day of the Art Retreat. Just had to share it.

So that is it for tonight as I want to watch a TV show on Australian artsists that is starting tonight on the ABC. I only rarely watch TV as I usually have too much else I would rather do but this sounds really interesting. Until tomorrow...

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