Saturday, 17 March 2007

Good News Days

I am flying to Perth tomorrow morning as I have to be in Perth for a work meeting on Monday morning. Going early will give me a chance to have lunch with Josh (my 19 yo son studying at uni in Perth) and an afternoon with my gorgeous friend Jude. A very nice indulgent Sunday but unfortunately it meant getting more than usual done on a Saturday. I spent a few hours at work before coming home mid afternoon to do the vacuuming (I try to be grateful that I have a house to vacuum plus I really do love my purple Dyson). Anyway, I checked emails before I started and found out that Somerset Studio now advise by email if they are selecting your art for publication! Very excited as I had a pretty unproductive year last year and only submitted art for a couple of themes. So I have something (they haven't specified what of course) in the May/June issue (Blue theme).

My other good news - yesterday I received a lovely email from Suzanne Melvin of Oxford Impressions letting me know that I am part of the OI 2007 Design Team again. Fellow Australian Gail Hart is also on the team again (go, Gail!). I love Oxford Impressions images - I have them all - and Suzanne has some great plans for new plates in 2007, so stay posted. The latest plate is Cowgirl Blues which is full of fun images which are perfect for ATCs.

Today's photo is a collage on a canvas board that has been published in the latest Stampington Gallery issue - it is based around the Oxford Impression dancers from the Paris Poste plate. The background colours are a bit of a change for me.

I have also loaded a couple of photos I took tonight of my 16 yo son Zach, all dressed up and on his way to the school ball. Gosh where did all those years go?!


Natalie B said...

Hi Debbi,

I love OI plates too and unfort dont have them all, but would love to!! Love the canvas you've made for Stampington. Also congrats on getting into the DT for OI.

Big hugs to you and enjoy Perth. Natalie B

Dianne said...

wow your are a Great artist which is why I'm sure your work is picked.
What a good looking boy he is takes after his Mom I see..
Have a great day in Perth...